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Via preclinical and case studies, Pebble innovated a platform of novel biopharmaceutical isolates to develop two-agent compounds that outperform standard of care (SOC) in multiple expressions of ovarian, breast, lung (adenocarcinoma), colorectal, and leukemia.

Treating cancer cells with Pebble's two-agent, CMC ready blend accelerates and potentiates anti-cancer activity. Demonstrated improvement in killing speed & efficacy on multiple cancer types.

The optimum blend (PB-201) for an MD Anderson combination study has been determined via in-vitro studies. Beginning Q4 2024, PB-201 will be tested at MD Anderson In-vivo in combination with immunoradiotherapy against lung adenocarcinoma.

Goal: establish effect on distribution/location of immune effector & suppressor cells in TME that correlate to treatment response


Hypothesis: improve anti-tumor response & increase tumor cell killing & revert immune suppression

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